Daily Brush Cleaner

Daily Brush Cleaner

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The EcoTools Daily Brush Cleaner helps you clean, protect, and renew makeup brushes and sponges for extended use in between monthly deep cleanings. This daily makeup brush cleaner is quick drying making it convenient for daily usage. Just spray onto brush bristles, wipe away any residue, and allow the brush to airdry. It’s also TSA Approved and works great for keeping brushes clean while traveling. No need to worry about any harsh chemicals. Our instant dry brush spray is fragrance-free, dermatologist tested, and safe for sensitive skin. Remember to use our EcoTools Makeup Brush + Sponge Shampoo for monthly deep cleanings to prolong the life of your makeup tools. As with all our EcoTools products, the Daily Brush Cleaner is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.


• The EcoTools Daily Brush Cleaner makes makeup brush cleaning easy with this quick-dry spray
• Brush spray extends the usage of makeup brushes and sponges
• Spray onto brush bristles, wipe away residue on a cloth, and airdry
• For quick cleaning in between monthly deep cleanings so makeup goes on smoother
• TSA approved making it perfect for travel and taking on-the-go
• Makeup brush cleaner can be used daily or as often as needed
• Use with our EcoTools makeup brushes and makeup sponges!
• Fragrance-free, dermatologist tested, and safe for sensitive skin
• 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan- EcoTools products are never tested on animals
• Made with recycled materials - EcoTools believes in reducing waste by using recycled aluminum and plastic in our products

Spritz daily cleaner over brush bristles. Gently wipe brush on clean cloth to remove residue, then allow brush to airdry.

Use daily or as often as needed.Discontinue use if irritation occurs.