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Cleanse & Treat


Product Information


The CLEANSE & TREAT MINI FACIAL KIT is specially designed to remove impurities and massage face for clean, glowing skin.

1.) Rinse the DEEP CLEANSING BRUSH under warm water and apply your favorite facial cleanser directly to bristles. Gently massage skin in circular motions to remove dirt, makeup and other impurities. Dry your face thoroughly after cleansing.

2.) Next, apply your favorite facial serum or moisturizer all over face and neck. To work in product, start at the chin and roll the TEXTURED FACE ROLLER horizontally out towards the hairline. Continue this movement throughout the rest of your face and neck area until product is fully absorbed.

3.) To finish, apply your favorite under eye cream. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, use the UNDER EYE ROLLER to gently sweep product under your eye to help absorb and depuff. "

Care Tips and Tricks

Spa Tip! Put Textured Face Roller and Under Eye Roller in refrigerator to help depuff, or run under warm water and use warm to help open pores.

Care Instructions: After use, rinse DEEP CLEANSING BRUSH, TEXTURED FACE ROLLER & UNDER EYE ROLLER under warm water and lay flat to dry. Replace Deep Cleansing Brush every 1-3 months. "