Whether it’s for a holiday party or to ring in the new year, there’s a good chance your holiday-glam senses will be tingling these next few weeks – as they should be! After all, this is called the most wonderful time of the year! From eyes to lips, it’s time to unleash the glitter. It’s a little touch that will take your look from everyday to oh heyyy! And the best part is you can do any of these looks in minutes.


Glittery Cupid’s Bow













As you’re transforming your look from day to night, this little trick will give off all the festive feels. You’ll need three things:

  1. A makeup glitter pot
  2. Lip glitter glue
  3. The Detail Lip Brush from the Beautifully Bronzed Brush Set.

Apply lipstick as you normally would, then prime your lips for glitter by adding a very light amount of the lip glitter glue to the tips of your cupid’s bow. Dab your Detail Lip Brush into your favorite colored glitter and apply it to the top of your lips.


Glitter Winged Liner















Take this modern-beauty favorite to the next level in one easy swoop. For this look you’ll need:

  1. Gel eyeliner
  2. Liquid glitter eye shadow
  3. The Angled Liner Brush from the Must-Have Matte Brush Set.

If you’re a winged liner pro, apply your eyeliner as normal and proceed. If you have yet to master the wing, don’t fret, the glitter will pop just as much over a simple layer of over-the-lid eyeliner. To add the glitter, take the Angled Liner Brush, apply a thin layer of glitter to the bristles and softly sweep it just above your eyeliner. 


Shimmery Glittered Highlight















For a little extra touch that goes a long way, you can never go wrong with a glittery highlight. For this look you’ll need:

  1. Primer
  2. Blush
  3. A makeup glitter pot
  4. The Large Shadow Brush from our Soft Smokey Eye Brush Set.

The first step is to prime your face with your favorite primer – this will help your makeup last! Apply foundation and blush as you normally would, then take your Large Shadow Brush and dip it into your favorite glitter highlight. Sweep it along the high point of your cheek bone and extend up to just below the brow and lightly on the temple. If you’re still worried about fallout, add a finishing powder to lock in your look for the night.


Glittery Ombré Lips













If you’re wanting to get a little adventurous this holiday season, definitely try this pout! For this look you’ll need:

  1. Lip glitter glue
  2. Various lip glitters
  3. A bold lip color and
  4. The Detail Lip Brush from the Beautifully Bronzed Brush Set.

Start by moisturizing and exfoliating your lips – a quick lip scrub and a simple lip balm will do. Then grab your Detail Lip Brush and fill in your lips with your desired base color. Put a coat of lip glitter glue over your color and dab your Detail Lip Brush into your first glitter of choice. Line the inside of your top and bottoms with this glitter. Move on to the next glitter and repeat in the middle of your lips. Let the glitter start to fade out towards the outsides of your lips to create that beautiful ombré look. Clean up any stray glitter and define with a little extra foundation or concealer around your lips, blending outwards with our Total Perfecting Blender – also found in our Beautifully Bronzed Brush Set.


Rocking or recreating your own glitter looks this season? We’d love to see them! Make sure to use #ecotoolsxo in your posts for a chance to get featured.