Ready to tackle your entire gift list all in one trip? (At least, the lady portion.) Our 2017 Gift Guide can help you find something for all your gals. Whether they spend a half hour getting ready every morning, or stick to the bare minimum, we’ll help you find the perfect way to spoil them. Just decide what type of makeup user each girl is, and you’ll unlock the secrets on how to buy the perfect gift suited for each and every one!

The Newbie

The Newbie


Thinking your girl might be a makeup Newbie? This is the girl who is just getting into makeup, or is ready to break out from her day-to-day and try new things! She’s been playing it safe for a while, sticking to neutral looks and a natural palette, but is totally open to trying out different looks. For her, we recommend our intro kits, tools and basic necessities to lock down makeup essentials – like a good base, a simple eye, and a little pop of color. Be sure to add a few spa goodies, because no matter who they are, they could def use a little R&R.


Our 5 Newbie Must-Haves:

Six Piece Starter Collection

Complete with 5 essential brushes to do everyday makeup and a beautiful case.

Total Perfecting Blender

A favorite in the beauty world and an essential piece to create a flawless base.

Enhancing Eye Set

A simple gift that will make a huge difference when she wants to really enhance those eyes.

Facial Cleansing Brush

Because at the start and end of every day, we all need a good cleanse. This will enhance the experience.

Gilded Glamour Spa Set

You can’t go wrong with a spa set. Help a girl get her pamper on.


Pick up a few bath bombs, holiday soaps and a good candle and you’ve got the perfect holiday care package!


The Dabbler

The Dabbler

If the woman you’re buying for is a Dabbler, she’s got makeup basics down – a good foundation, a grasp on eye makeup, and can turn it up a notch for special occasions. She has an everyday look she rocks with ease, but she’s interested in trying different, more advanced looks. Maybe a highlight? Some light contouring? Or maybe she’ll finally master the perfect smoky eye. The Dabbler is someone who doesn’t necessarily get that adventurous with makeup, but would be totally excited if you gave her the tools to do so. So give her the little push she needs to get her glam on!


Our 5 Dabbler Dream Gifts:

Six Piece Day to Night Collection

She’s already got a good grasp on day-to-date makeup. Now give her the ideal tools to take it up a notch.

Soft Smokey Eye Brush Set

The look we all want to master. With this, she can.

Contour Buki

While she might not buy this for herself, she’ll be so excited you did. It’s an invitation to try something new.

Highlight Buki

A good highlight can go a long way. She’ll be thankful to add this little number into her routine.

Perfecting Blender Duo

A makeup essential. A great gift. And something you can never have enough of.


Pair these gifts with an eye liner, contour stick, mascara, or eye shadow palette and your gift is as good as gold (or maybe even better).


The Maven

The Maven

You already know if your girl’s a Maven. She can rock a colorful lip. Her cat eye is always perfection. She’s up to speed on the latest makeup trends. And you occasionally find yourself envious of her ability to always look amazing. She knows what she’s doing, which makes buying for her a little trickier, but all the more fun. She’ll already have the basics, so collector’s editions, niche brushes and specialized tools are the way to go. And boy will she thank you for it – the glamorous life is a tough one…to own ALL the things, at least.


Our 5 Made-for-Maven Goodies:

Six Piece Essential Eye Collection

A couple brushes aren’t enough for her eyes. The looks she’s tackling deserve a whole collection.

Holiday Perfecting Trio

These base beauties are always a great gift. But holiday edition? Game over.

Color Correct & Perfect Brush Set

Specialized brushes for a flawless base. Honestly, who doesn’t want that?

Must-Have Matte Brush Set

This girl needs long-lasting looks. These brushes deliver.

Sparkle & Shape Brush Set

Get ready to be a little envious of her beautifully shaped brows & highlight.


Pair these gifts with a highlighting palette, a few bold lipsticks and some glitter and you can check this girl (or girls) off your holiday shopping list.


Which gifts are you grabbing this season? We’d love to see your holiday shopping spree! Snap a pic and tell us all about it. And don’t forget to tag #ecotoolsxo!