It happens every year: Fall arrives, October is approaching and we all know what’s coming. Yet some of us still find ourselves 4 days out from Halloween with no time, ideas, or money to overnight ship that awesome, ironic costume we thought of 20 days too late. Unless you’re great at planning ahead, this is your reality. And if you are a planner, but not that big into Halloween, maybe you just need a costume that’s low-key and easy? No matter the situation, we have the perfect, stress-free (and totally beautiful) solution. These 4 costume ideas are quick, simple, and can be done – with the exception of a few things– with all the makeup you already have.


1960’s: Master the Mod Look

If there’s one, surefire way to let people know you’re rocking a 60’s look, it’s with your eyes. Using inspo from fashion icon Twiggy, it’s time to exaggerate our crease lines and layer on the mascara. To get this look, you’ll need some white eye liner, matte white, brown and dark gray or black eye shadow, black eye liner, and if you’re feelin’ extra, some falsies. Pair all this with tools from our Daily Defined Eye Kit and you’ve got everything you need to master the mod look. Finish it off with a light pink or nude lipstick and a little highlight.


1970’s:  Work That Bohemian Chic

The 70’s is a decade that seems to always ebb and flow into current fashion. Whether it’s a flower crown filter in the latest Snapchat update, or makeup trends going au naturale, this decade’s look is as quick and easy to master as it is notable. For your face, grab our Airbrush Complexion Kit and stick to natural tones for your lips, cheeks and eyelids. Add a little bronzer or highlighter with our Define and Highlight Duo for a seamless glow. Be sure to part your hair down the middle, and obvi add a touch of flowers as a crown or woven throughout small braids. Bonus points if they’re real!




1980’s: Neon Time? Like, Totally

If you’re looking to make this Halloween totally rad, you’ve stopped on the right decade. The 80’s were full of bright colors and bold looks – you can’t go wrong with a neon eyeshadow palette and a deep pink blush. Grab our Start the Day Beautifully Kit, packed with all the eye, face and blush tools you’ll need to rock this look. Pair it with teased hair, a fanny pack and your best Day-Glo jumpsuit and that’s what we call a winning costume.




1990’s: Get Your Grunge on

Oh the 90’s, where some of the best – and let’s be honest, worst – fashion trends happened. We’ve all had fun with the re-emergence of chokers, but if you’re looking to really get into that grungy scene, step it up a notch with vampy lipstick, thick eyeliner and ridiculously straight hair. The best part about this look? There’s a good chance it’s not too far off from your day-to-day. Go from work to play with our Stay Matte & Beautiful Kit with all the tools you need to refresh your foundation and tackle those lips and eyes. Grab a lip liner to really define the look– props if your liner’s 5xs darker than your lipstick. Then take black eyeliner and draw an extra layer on your top and bottom lids. Oh, and don’t forget the choker! Who knew you could go from glamour to grunge with a few quick tricks?


Trying out other looks this Halloween? We’d love to see them! Share your pics using #EcoToolsXo.