By now, you probably have the basics of your morning routine down pat: clean face, good moisturizer, and makeup to face the day. But what about your nighttime routine? As you can undoubtedly guess, a nighttime skincare routine is just as (if not MORE) important! After a full day of work and play, your skin is practically begging to be cleaned of all the dirt, sweat and makeup it’s encountered throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking for better skin, a little pampering sesh, or a new skincare routine, k-beauty is a wonderful place to start. If you’re not familiar with this beauty trend, k-beauty is short for “Korean Beauty”, and it’s derived from Korean-based products, known for their keen emphasis on good, healthy skin. K-beauty can be quite the commitment, but with a focus on health, hydration and achieving that perfect glow, your skin will thank you for adopting such a fantastic regimen!

Looking for a little inspo? Here’s how our beauty fav Alex Garza ends her days:


K Beauty Routine












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As with any beauty routine, it’s key to start with a clean face. Start by opening up your pores with our Polishing Facial Cloths dipped in warm water. Then grab your favorite cleanser and clean away. Look for a cleanser made with salicylic acid to help combat and clear up acne.


Next step: Exfoliate. Look for an exfoliant made with witch hazel to help with blemish control. It also comes packed with anti-aging benefits! Use a Facial Cleansing Brush for a gentle exfoliation.


Grab our Facial Mask Mates and lather on your favorite face mask. Masks with natural infusions help to keep skin glowing while remaining on the gentler side. FYI: rose-infused masks are our current fav!


Rebalance your skin with a good toner. Dry skin? Look for natural-oil and honey-based products. Oily skin? Grab a green tea or witch hazel infused toner. Sensitive skin? Get something made with rose water or chamomile.


Don’t forget a serum! They’re packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help keep your skin tone even and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Last, but certainly not least, apply a nighttime moisturizer to keep your face hydrated and feeling wonderful all night long.


If you’re new to k-beauty, we get it, this is a lot! We’re all human, and sometimes life is a little too full, days are a little too short, and our beds are way too enticing to complete a full skincare routine. And that’s ok! Even just adding one or two of these steps into your nightly routine can make a world of difference. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse for a little more pampering?

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