A lot can change in your skin care and makeup routines throughout the summer months: Your foundation might need to be a darker shade. Your moisturizers could probably use an SPF boost. Maybe you’re washing your face more, or applying makeup less. As you’re changing up habits and finding the right products for your summer skin, why not use this as an opportunity to try something new?! Whether it’s a new look, a new tool, or an easier beauty hack, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite summer trends for you to try!

Color Correcting



From awkward tan lines to peeling skin, summer can be pretty unforgiving to our faces. To achieve an even, balanced skin tone across your face, try using our Color Perfecting Minis with your favorite concealers! Each mini sponge is color coded to work with formulas that either counteract redness (mint sponge), dark circles (pink sponge), dullness (lilac sponge) or dark spots (peach sponge). It might seem a little intimidating at first – putting green and orange lines on your face isn’t exactly inviting – but worry not! There’s a science to color correcting, and this guide can help you master it!


Concealer Triangle



Take your summer glow to the next level with this easy trick! As you’re applying concealer under your eyes, instead of only applying it only to the dark areas, try drawing it in an upside-down triangle under your eye. (For those of you who are lucky enough to not need under-eye concealer, you should still try this!) By drawing out the concealer, you’ll give your face a fuller, more youthful look. Dampen our Perfecting Detail Blender and use it to blend in your concealer with the rest of your makeup and voila! You’ve got a brighter, fresh looking face!


White Liner



No matter how advanced you are with makeup, this white liner trick is a must-try! It’ll brighten your eyes, make them look bigger and chances are, it’ll be a fresh change to your evererday look! Depending on how drastic you want to make it, you can wear it bold and big, or just in the corner of your eyes for a light and fresh pop. Just grab white eyeliner or powder, and our Enhancing Eye Set! Make defined lines with the Angled Liner Brush, or smudge it in with our Smudge Brush for a more blended look.


Pop of Eye Color



While some of you might save eye shadows for special occasions, we say, summer is a special occasion! Now’s the perfect time to have a girl’s night in or a little pampering sesh to figure out new looks you love! Switching out neutral eyeshadows for more vibrant tones is a great way to transform your everyday look. And, when you have a bolder eye, you’ll want to keep everything else in your look neutral, so adding a little color to your eye really is a small feat! Start off with lighter colors, like purples and greens if you need to. Then, when you’re ready to kick it up a notch, add a little intensity by wetting your Shade Brush (from our Ultimate Shade Duo) before applying the color. The bristles will pick up a heavier coating of eyeshadow, leaving you with a more pigmented look.


Dot Contouring



Last, but certainly not least, if you haven’t yet, you should try out dot contouring! It’s a fun, alternative way to highlight and contour, that gives you a little more control on what you’re accentuating. Start with a clean face. Apply your primer and foundation, and then begin to blot little dots of your cream highlight and contouring colors with our Concealer Brush, or your finger. If it helps, look to the back of our Define and Highlight Duo box to see what areas to highlight and contour. After you’re done applying, blend it all in with a dampened Total Perfecting Blender, and you’re ready for a night out!

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