Whether you’re planning a big wedding with a lot of guests, or a romantic getaway with a few special friends, it will no doubt be one of the most special, important days of your life. If amidst all the planning and preparation you find yourself wanting to spend your special day in an eco-friendly way, you’ve come to the right place! With these quick and easy tips, you can make your big day have a smaller environmental impact.


Paperless Seating Cards

One easy way to reduce waste on your wedding day is with eco-friendly seating cards! With a bunch of beautiful green leaves and a good hand at calligraphy, you can make these gorgeous seating cards a reality! If green’s not in your color pallet, try using recycled wine corks, or even seed paper that guests can plant when they get home. It’s a small tweak that can make a big difference, while maintaining a beautiful wedding aesthetic.

Washable Dishware

If a big backyard wedding is more your style, instead of throwing away plastic forks and paper plates, look into renting dinnerware you can wash! Or, for more casual wedding themes, look into biodegradable dishware, like palm leaf plates and wooden cutlery! Either way, you’ll be sure to reduce a lot of paper waste by the end of the night. Take it a step further by only allowing guests to have one cup for the night! You can spread the word with a few cute signs: “To have and to hold…for the rest of the night! Keep your cup and fill it with whatever tastes right!”



Natural Beauty Products

Get your wedding glow on with natural beauty products! These eco-friendly must-haves are a great way to start your big day, and also serve as the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids! Assemble a few morning beauty-packs for your girls, filled with wedding essentials! We recommend starting off by pairing Burt’s Bees Gentle Foaming Cleanser with our Facial Cleansing Brush. Get to pampering with a Nugg Face Mask! Then top it all off with our Modern Romance Collection. It’s an easy way to spread eco-friendly vibes on your special day.

Local Finds

A great way to lower your carbon footprint is by staying local (to wherever your wedding is). If you can, hire vendors close to your wedding location for food, flowers, beverages and even gift bags! The less they have to ship and travel, the better. (For your wallet, too!) It’s a great way to celebrate your new marriage and the community around you!



 Floral Send Off

Celebrate romance from beginning to end with an eco-friendly send off! Instead of walking through a stream of rice, sparklers or paper confetti, have your guests throw flower petals! It’s a different, yet classy way to end your wedding, with a romantic farewell that looks – and smells – great! And the best part? If you don’t have time for wedding DIY, there are plenty of Etsy artists who can do it for you.

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