With Mother’s Day around the corner, followed by finals week and wedding season (!!!), chances are you’ll soon be needing a thoughtful, unique gift for someone in your life. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s for your mom, girlfriends ­– or even treating yourself on your special day – these goodie baskets are simply perfect and guaranteed not to be re-gifted.


Mother’s Day

We’ve all been there – a few days before Mother’s Day with no clue what to get. It’s hard to find the perfect gift for the woman who’s given us so much. To make your life easier, and her life even lovelier, how about a build-your-own  pamper set?!

While not all moms are makeup savvy, everyone can get on board with smooth, glowing and healthy skin from top to toe. Every morning routine should begin with a Konjac Facial Sponge – an unbelievably soft makeup remover that picks up everything from dirt to oil and leaves even the most sensitive of skin types feeling like heaven. Next, pair the Facial Cleansing Brush with her favorite facial cleanser. Its soft bristles make for a deep pore cleanse with a gentle exfoliation.  Don’t forget the essentials for a full-body boost!  Gift mom with a Dry Body Brush for her pre-bath and shower routine. Its synthetic bristles work to exfoliate and stimulate, which’ll leave her with smooth, glowing skin. The Exfoliating Ecopouf will give her a luxurious lather for an all over clean…and maybe even a few extra moments of peace and quiet in the shower!  This one-two punch removes dead skin, deep cleans pores and exfoliates skin, which will create a healthy-looking glow (and leave her glowing even BRIGHTER than she already does!). Top this box-o-goodies off with some bath bombs, cleansers and her favorite treats like dark chocolate or candied nuts and voilà! You may have just become her new favorite daughter.



Finals Week

It goes without saying – finals week is stress, stress, and more stress. If you know someone about to take on this challenge, send them a little pick-me-up care package to help them survive the week! And you may want to share this article.

Start with the Ultimate Air Dryer – designed to dry hair 40% quicker – because during finals week nobody has time for wet hair. Which is why you should also throw in the Shower Cap & Storage Case. Shampooing every other day this week will give her all the more time to study, because this week, every minute counts. It’s only fitting to add in our Prepped For Change Set so she’ll #lookgoodfeelgood on her way to ace that test. Top this care package off with a coffee mug and our Perfecting Blender Duo, because caffeine and a base that looks well-rested are crucial this week.



Your best friend is about to say “I do”! Send her off on her honeymoon with a bundle of getaway goodies.

First things first: air travel. Assuming they’re jetting away to somewhere off the map, make sure to pack a Relaxing Sleep Mask. After one of the biggest days of her life, it’ll be good to catch as many Zzz’s as she can before vacation starts. Next, pack in some travel essentials like the Retractable Brush, a compact bronzer and/or powder brush that’s perfect for on-the-go makeup! Pair that with our Five-Piece Travel Set, a collection of all her brush essentials in mini-form! Top it off with an instant camera so she can capture every candid moment with her new hubby. She’ll be one happily-ever-after bride!



Now that we’ve covered the perfect gift for a bride-to-be, what if the next bride-to-be is you?! Give your girls the perfect thank you gift with these custom bridesmaid boxes! After all, these girls have seen you at your best and worst, so they definitely deserve something special.

Start off their day with a little bubbly, some lovely scents and our Modern Romance Collection. It comes packed with a Flat Foundation brush, an Angled Blush brush, a Full Shadow brush, a Petite Eye Shading brush, and a Detail Lip brush – five handy tools to keep their look flawless from morning mimosas to post-reception party. It may be your big day, but they should feel a little spoiled, too!



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