Earth Day and every day, we’re thinking about ways we can support the environment and stay on-trend at the same time. Our commitment to earth-conscious products makes that first part easy: EcoTools brushes are made from recycled aluminum and plastic and our brush handles are made of renewable bamboo.

But why stop there? When the spring-cleaning bug bites, upcycle your excess household products into vanity essentials even you’ll be envious of.

Coffee Cans to Makeup Brush Holders

Coffee cans are the quintessential upcycle object. Their uses are endless, but so often we end up with a pile of cans destined for the recycling bin. But we have a simple (and adorable) idea! Strip off any wrappers and paint some bright accents of color. Get even more fancy with a stencil, free hand sketch or some abstract shapes. After letting them dry overnight, set these beauties up on your vanity and voila, they’re the perfect makeup brush holders – Especially with soft, earth-friendly brushes like ours!

Cake Platter to Perfume Platform

How often do you really use a cake platter anyway? Cake platters are the classic kitchen candidates to end up on the KonMari chopping block, but before you toss (or donate) yours, see how it looks displayed on your vanity. The raised platform style is a dramatic surface to showcase and set up perfumes and lotions, and the open space underneath offers plenty of room to tuck and store other items.

Letter Holder to Palette Rack

If you own a letter holder that you actually use, round of applause. If you own a letter holder or letter rack and you really weren’t sure what it was for until now, then step right up and slide in those eye shadow palettes. The spacing and structure offers clean organization, plus, having your palettes upright is more aesthetically pleasing than a stack.

Photo Frame to Vanity Tray

You have the accents upcycled, now it’s time to upgrade the base! If you have extra frames lying around, you can create a beautiful portable vanity tray. Just clean the glass, then decorate the frame by adding wrapping paper, paint or a cute print to the inside. You may even want to add a little sparkle! Now you’re all set with the ultimate upcycle vanity surface. The best thing is you can move this tray to any room or tabletop, and swap out the base style whenever you’d like.

Tell us, what household hacks do you use to upcycle your style?