We know you love beauty sponges – 69 percent of you use them. They make blending foundation and other liquid makeup products a breeze and have quickly become an indispensable part of any complexion toolkit. (Seriously, if you aren’t on the bandwagon, you will be soon!) We’ve designed a brand-new, eco-friendly line designed to create a flawless, camera-ready look, featuring our latest favorite – the Perfecting Blending Duo.

Whether it’s the first you’re hearing of the Perfecting Blending Duo or you’re already a fan, here’s what’s to love about this new power couple.


Two Sizes, Double Duty

Sponge size matters. You don’t want something unwieldy, but you want to be able to cover the surface area of your cheeks and forehead quickly. You don’t want a tiny point, but you still want something that can get into the tricky corners of your face, like the under eye area and nose. The struggle is real. So we set about to solve it.

The Perfecting Blending Duo includes two sponges: one large, soft and flexible; one smaller, firmer and more precise. The larger option is perfect for light, buildable foundation application and you can use it damp, wet or dry (we recommend damp ). The smaller size, a mini detail sponge, is well-suited for detailed coverage, like under-eye concealer.  (If you want to build your sponge arsenal even more, stock up on the Color Perfecting Minis in our color correcting variations.)


The Shape Makes Contouring Quick

While the Duo’s two sizes ensure complete and smooth coverage, the unconventional shape opens up new doors for trying new trends while keeping everything blended. Each aspect of the shape has it’s own function, making it a super sponge, if you will. The flat edge is ideal for large surface areas and the rounded base is for blending. Arguably most exciting, the wedge-like tip makes contouring infinitely easier, providing precise definition.


Ecofoam® Technology Means They’re Truly Eco-Friendly

Beauty sponges may be life altering for your makeup routine, but they also have a shelf-life. Cleaning your sponges, like any beauty tool, is a must, but ultimately all sponges will reach a state where the only option is to replace them. And that can be troubling for any eco-conscious beauty gal.

For the Perfecting Blending Duo, as well as our other new sponges, we leveraged our very own Ecofoam® technology to create the first beauty sponge made from 71 percent plant-based materials. All of our new sponges are made from sugar cane and renewable plant-based contents. They’re 100 percent vegan and even PETA-certified.

With sizes for any need, a shape for any trend and material that’s totally renewable, you can feel good about your new and improved beauty routine.

So tell us, what do you love about the Perfecting Blending Duo?