The clock is ticking and Halloween feels like it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re headed to a party, need a cute look for class, or want to wow your work friends, here are four makeup looks you can accomplish with your EcoTools brushes and the products you already have in your makeup bag.

Flower Crown Filter

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We can’t deny our obsession with Snapchat’s flower crown filter. It totally fits our love of anything bohemian, and makes our face look absolutely flawless. Turn this favorite filter into a Halloween costume by using our Lovely Looks Glamorous Glow Set, blending your foundation to perfection, and adding a bit of highlight to your cheekbones. Keep your eye makeup simple and streamlined, focusing on long lashes and bold brows. A bit of pink blush on the apples of your cheek complete the look and a faux or fresh flower crown tops off this #SnapFam costume.

Butterfly Beauty

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Another look inspired by Snapchat! The Butterfly Crown filter takes the flawless faced look up a notch, so make sure to amp up the bronzer for this costume. We prefer using the Blending and Bronzing Brush for an airbrushed look that’s polished but never streaky. A shimmery lip adds to the iridescent vibe, while bold brows and butterflies in your hair completes the look. We found these butterflies at a local craft store and used wire to make them into an easy-to-wear headband.

Mermaid Maven

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If your second home is at the beach, this costume is for you. Replicate the look of beautiful mermaid scales using bright metallic eyeshadows and fishnet stockings (we’re not kidding). After applying your base makeup (foundation, concealer and powder), slip the fishnets over your head to use as a stencil for creating scales. Dip our Custom Coverage Buffing Brush into your eyeshadows, layering brighter colors over darker ones. It’s important to dab the shadow onto your face through the stocking to make sure the stencil is as accurate as possible. To get more precise detail and color distribution, you can also use our Full Eyeshadow Brush. The dense bristles will help pack on the color! Use your favorite setting spray while the fishnets are still on, and wait for it to dry completely before removing. Then, try out your favorite bold shadow look with our Essential Eye Set to complete your costume!

Stunning Skeleton

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Ready to take Halloween to a beautifully spooky level? Follow @operation_crueltyfree’s lead and try this dramatically contoured skeleton! First, apply a base of white foundation using our Flat Foundation Brush. After setting that in place using translucent powder and our Large Powder Brush, start building out the contours of the skeleton. We recommend using a black or grey eyeshadow with our Flat Eyeliner Brush to create outlines of the eye sockets, jawline, cheekbones, teeth and nose. Once you have the look outlined to your liking, go in with black eyeshadow using our Eye Enhancing Duo (use the different brush heads to get the right amount of product in the right spots). For darker shading in the eye sockets and on the nose, you can use gel eyeliner or even a black lipstick to get the desired look.


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