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Let’s talk about summer makeup. With humidity at an all-time high and temps that just won’t drop, it can be difficult to get a long-lasting base of makeup that doesn’t slide off your face before the day’s end. Whether you start with your favorite full coverage foundation or just a bit of BB cream, our three summer brush picks will help you stay put together from dusk ‘til dawn, while adding a bit of glow and highlight at the same time.

1) Large Powder Brush – Paired with your favorite translucent powder, our Large Powder Brush sets your makeup and combats shine to keep your base lasting from morning to night. The super soft bristles deliver all-over coverage, while distributing just the right amount of product to keep you from looking cakey. Use this right after you’ve applied foundation or BB/CC cream to lock in your base makeup for the day.

2) Blending and Bronzing Brush – Meet your bronzer’s new best friend. This duo-fiber brush adds warmth while seamlessly blending your makeup for a streak-free glow. Sweep your favorite bronzer or contour powder in the hollows of your cheeks, on your hairline and along your jawline to define your cheekbones and add a sun kissed touch. Use this after you’ve applied your translucent powder to keep things setting properly.

3) Deluxe Fan Brush – A good illuminating powder is a summer staple in your makeup bag. Use our Deluxe Fan Brush to sweep a powder highlight across your cheekbones and above your brow bone to get that inner glow. You can also use your pinkie or ring finger to add a dab of highlight in the corners of your eyes as well as on your cupid’s bow. Use this brush as the last step of your base makeup application to enhance your features.