Happy Earth Month! As you know, we’re committed to developing eco-conscious beauty tools and products that help empower women to look and feel beautiful. And while we always want you to look your best, we feel great when the choices we make are socially and environmentally responsible, too.

That’s why our products are 100% cruelty free, and feature recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo. And you know the little sleeve each of your individual brushes comes packaged in? It’s made with natural materials and EVA, which is free of phthalates and PVC. The best part, though? It’s completely reusable! So in honor of Earth Month, we’re sharing a few upcycling ideas for your EcoTools sleeves.

Travel cases. Take your pouches on the go – they can hold so much more than just brushes. If you have products that are prone to leaking, slip them into a pouch before you pack. Things like mascara, perfume rollerballs, and tubes of concealer are all perfectly shaped to pack in a pouch!

Arts and crafts storage. We love a good DIY, but sometimes finding the right size storage containers for those little odds and ends can be tough (and the craft store can get expensive). So try using your brush pouch to store beads, buttons, crochet hooks, small paint brushes and more.

Brush guards. You should be cleaning your brushes every week, but sometimes as they dry, bristles can shift out of place. Brush guards can help mold your bristles back into place, and they’re easy to DIY! Here’s an easy step-by-step guide:

1. Cut brush pouch into 1 inch sections to create small tubes.

2. Cut small triangle shapes into the sides of pouch to allow air flow and faster drying.

3. After cleaning your brushes, slip the brush guard over the bamboo end of the brush and push down to cover the bristles.

4. Let dry!

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