When it comes to my beauty routine, fall usually means one thing: drama! This is when I transition away from sheer and glowing summer skin to matte and striking looks for fall, so I’m sharing some of my favorite EcoTools brushes to achieve three of this season’s biggest trends.

Full Coverage for Fall

A smooth, silky finish is always the perfect canvas for any fall makeup look. As the temperatures drop, I put away my tinted moisturizers and BB creams and break out my medium to full coverage foundations. The Flat Foundation Brush is a versatile brush that you can use to apply foundation and concealer. Apply foundation in a patting motion, which allows for maximum coverage and even application. The tapered and domed bristles allow you to blend your foundation and concealer flawlessly. In the fall, setting your makeup is a must! My favorite brush for setting makeup is the Large Powder Brush, which is the perfect shape and size to apply a translucent powder. I like to dip the brush into the powder, give it a tap to remove any excess powder, and lightly press the powder into my skin. Try to avoid making wiping motions; instead lightly pressing the powder into your skin for a smooth and flawless finish.

Seasonal Smokey Eye

Break out the dark eye shadows, because it’s time to rock that smokey eye! It doesn’t matter which color palette is your favorite, you can easily create a smokey eye look with the right tools. Using the Essential Eye Set, you’ll have every type of brush necessary to create a variety of different smokey looks, whether you prefer them softer or a little heavier. You can use the large brush to apply your transition color in the crease, apply a base color across your entire lid, or use it after you add each eye shadow color to blend and eliminate any harsh lines. If you need more precise application in the crease, you can use the highlight brush and apply in small circular motions so you can blend at the same time. Using the angled shadow brush, apply your darkest shade to the outer corners of your lids and your crease. What I love most about this set is the smudge brush and the liner brush. With the smudge brush it’s easy to add a smokey look to your bottom lash line, and with the liner brush you can complete the look by adding a gel or cream eyeliner to your top or bottom lash lines.

Soft and Effortless Contouring

One of the reasons I love makeup in the fall is because my contour game is on point! This year, contouring is still going strong, and it’s one way to add significant dimension to your overall look. To achieve a nice, blended contour, the Retractable Kabuki Brush is a great option. Whether you’re using a cream product or a powder bronzer to achieve your contour, this brush allows you to create a soft and effortless contour blended to perfection. Just twist up the brush and blend your contour in small circular motions to ensure the product blends in well and distributes evenly. Best of all, you can twist and cap this brush, toss it in your bag, and touch up throughout the day.

With these fall makeup trends and the right brushes from EcoTools, your beauty routine is ready for the season. Check back for more beauty and makeup tips and tutorials as we get closer to the holidays!

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