Halloween is creeping up fast, and if you’re still unsure of who or what to dress up as, fret no further. This Cleopatra-inspired look from EcoTools Beauty Team expert Teni Panosian is easy to create and accessorize, and it’ll surely turn some heads (and win you some costume contest votes) at the Halloween party.

Step 1. Begin by using the EcoTools Multitasking Brush from the Collector’s Roll to apply your foundation. Use small circular motions to be sure it’s applied and blended evenly.

Step 2. Apply concealer directly to your under-eye area, between your eyebrows and around the bottom of your mouth. Then, use the Concealer Brush from the Starter Set to apply a cream contour at the hollows of your cheekbones, above the temples of your forehead and at the tip of your nose to make it appear sculpted.

Step 3. Using the Multitasking Brush once again, blend out the concealer first, because it is the lighter color. Then blend out the contour using small, circular motions. Since this is a Halloween look, don’t be afraid of a little extra contouring.

Step 4. Taking the Finishing Brush from the Touch-Up Set, apply a shimmery bronzer to your contour areas for a nice glow. Then apply an extremely pigmented golden bronze powder to really highlight the tops of your cheekbones, above your brows, and into your cupid’s bow and your chin.

Step 5. For the eyes, take the EcoTools Eye Shading Brush from the Starter Set and apply a shimmery gold eye shadow all the way from your lash line to your brow bone.

Step 6. Taking the Smudge/Blend brush from the Eye Enhancing Duo, use the blend side to apply a shimmery blue shadow to the outer corners of your lids, blending into the outer crease. Be sure to blend the blue and the gold shadows evenly.

Step 7. Using the Angled Eyeliner Brush from the Starter Set apply a black gel eyeliner to just your bottom lash line and extend out into a 1-inch winged liner. Once the initial line is in place, be sure to go back over it to smooth it out.

Step 8. Take the Flat Eyeliner Brush and apply a hint of gold glitter product just beneath the winged liner at the outer corners.

Step 9. Use the Flat Eyeliner Brush once again to fully fill in your brows toward the winged eye liner for a dramatic look.

Step 10. Finally, apply a matte mauve lip color to your lips, allow it to dry, and follow with a lighter matte lip color just at the center of your lips for a multi-dimensional pout.

Now that you have the look, complete your Cleopatra costume with gold accessories, big, colorful jewelry and the perfect white dress. Be sure to share your DIY Halloween makeup looks using the links below and you could be featured in an upcoming post. Happy Halloween!