A familiar phrase is beginning to creep into our everyday lives: Back to School. Whether you’re preparing to get the kids ready for a new school year, or getting yourself out of vacation mode and back to routine, this time of year can be overwhelming. So before you even think about letting fatigue and stress take over, equip yourself with these tips and tricks to help you tackle every hour of the busy weeks ahead.

Let’s face it, most weekday mornings are anything but peaceful. With lunches to pack, outfits to pick out and mouths to feed, your beauty routine can easily become less of a priority. But with these time-saving tips, an efficient and beautiful a.m. routine is easier than hitting the snooze button:

  • Prep the night before. Sharpen makeup pencils, tweeze eyebrows and clean any dingy makeup brushes before your head hits the pillow.
  • Store makeup brushes in a small jar on your vanity, allowing for easy access and quick cleanup. Fill the jar with coffee beans or glass rocks for an extra dose of pretty!
  • Keep everyday makeup products in one bag, and weekend products in another. This way you’ll avoid the frustration of digging around for the products you need.
  • Blow dry your hair last. It will air-dry while you get everything else ready, cutting your blowout time in half – especially if you use the Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush.

Stress can build throughout the day, especially when you’ve already had a hectic morning. Between meetings, carpools and errands, it can be hard to find time for a little mid-day serenity. Here are some ways to whisk away stress in a flash:

  • Give yourself a mini scalp massage using a hair brush like the Styler + Smoother. Slowly brush from the crown of your forehead all the way down to the nape of your neck and you’ll feel tingly relief almost instantly.
  • Go for a walk. No matter the time of day, getting your blood flowing is a great way to clear your head and even boost productivity.
  • Keep essential oils on-hand. Lavender, rose, bergamot and chamomile are known for their balancing, stress-relieving effects. Add a drop or two to your lotion and the calming smells will be with you all day long.

Sleep troubles are most common during stressful or anxious times. But turning off our racing minds should begin to happen long before we lay down. Adopting these bedtime rituals might just help you have the best sleep of your life, every night:

  • Avoid looking at your cell phone/tablet screen or other bright lights before bed. According to Huffington Post, “light from screens can suppress melatonin levels and alter sleepiness.”
  • Take a warm bath. Because our internal body temperatures naturally dip at night and throughout our sleep cycle, a warm bath could help speed up the natural relaxation process.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises. This is especially helpful if you become frustrated while trying to fall asleep.
  • Wear an accessory like the Relaxing Sleep Mask. Don’t let a great night’s sleep or afternoon nap be interrupted by Mother Nature.

With these helpful tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be more than prepared to overcome those day-to-day stresses so you can be your most beautiful self. Do you have any go-to stress relief tips for this time of year? Share them by using one of the links below.