Summer hair should be effortless. You can have a beautiful style without wasting away time inside. For this look I’ll show you how to get a textured blowout that will give hair tons of movement and body. I like to call it perfectly undone summer hair.

Perfectly Undone Summer Hair

Step 1: 
Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and distribute evenly with a comb.

Step 2:
Using the Ultimate Air Dryer brush, comb your hair in different directions against your head while following with the heat from the dryer. Redirecting the natural growth of the root creates tons of body. Continue to do this until your hair is about 80% dry. Most of the moisture should be out.

Step 3:
Create a rectangular section on the top of your head wide enough to fit the Quick Volume Styler, then clip the bottom section of your hair.

Step 4:
Blow-dry the top section using the Quick Volume Styler, making horizontal sections while you over-direct the hair towards your face. Set each section with clips to cool.

Step 5:
Take out the bottom half and blow dry large sections of hair with either the Full Volume Styler or the Quick Volume Styler, depending on the length of your hair and how much texture you desire. Twist your wrist while unraveling the brush—it will create a twist in the hair—then blast that twist with heat. Drop the twisted hair down and let it cool without touching it.

Step 6: 
Once all the twists in the bottom section cool, remove the clips on the top sections of hair and comb out with your fingers, guiding your part where you want it to fall.

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