Feeling the summer heat? Don’t let it get to your makeup! Now is the time to embrace lightweight makeup and your natural beauty. Keep your face looking fresh and fabulous even in the hottest of weather by following these melt-proof makeup commandments.


Thou Shalt Use Less Makeup
The less you put on, the less will melt off! Switch to a multi-tasking product like a BB or CC cream and apply it with a brush so you don’t add unnecessary oils to your face with fingers.


Thou Shalt Not Skip Waterproof
Especially for mascara, waterproof formulas are a must on hot days. No one wants raccoon eyes created from sweat or tears. Waterproof liner is another safe bet for summer days, but stick to gel or liquid as pencils made from wax can melt in the heat.


Thou Shalt Master Cheek Color

Richer tones last longer, so “go for a darker shade and blend until it’s sheer,” says Nick Barose, Lupita Nyong’o’s makeup man. Another tip? Start with cream blush then sweep a matching powder color on top. Once the powder wears off, the cream will still be there.


Thou Shalt Not Wear Gloss
You’re already shiny enough, says Glamour.com. Pick a stain or a balm, which won’t get sticky or shiny in the heat. A lip balm with built in SPF is always a good idea.


Thou Shalt Prime
The key to a long lasting base color is often a skipped step. Use a primer perfect for your skin type to keep makeup in place. All you need is a pea sized amount spread on skin before your foundation or tinted moisturizer.


Thou Shalt Not Shine
To reduce shine and set your makeup, use a mattifying brush with translucent powder on your t-zone. “Because it’s colorless, there’s less of a chance it will cause problems in the heat, but use a light hand to be sure,” says Allure.com.


Thou Shalt SPF
The most important part of any summer beauty routine? SPF. Get all the FAQ’s for wearing sunscreen here.


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