Love the feeling of getting your favorite facial at the salon down the street? Enjoy a nice long soak at the hotel spa? If you said yes, but your budget keeps you from indulging as often as you like, why not try a DIY spa at home? Take the best parts of your spa experience and replicate them at home. Here’s how…

Set the Mood

Chances are your favorite spa has a Zen-like feeling. Replicate this at home by using plush towels, candles, and more to set the mood. Put some soothing music on your iPod, dim the lights in the bathroom, slip into a robe, and grab anything else that will help you relax like an eye mask or Spa Moisture Socks.

Pick the Right Products
Replicate that facial feeling by closing your eyes and applying a facemask with a brush. Foundation Brushes and Fan Brushes are perfect for swiping on a thick mask. You can purchase a premade mask at your local beauty store or try making a DIY version from items you have in the kitchen. Try these three recipes. Taking a long soak? Add milk, olive oil, or Epsom salts into the bath with your favorite bubbles for added skin softening.

Take Time to Relax
Pick a time when the kids are busy or you have the house to yourself and take time to relax. Feeling guilty? Don’t. Glamour Magazine UK reminds us “making time for relaxation lowers stress levels, which will have a positive effect on your skin.” Close your eyes, steam up the room, and try your hand at gentle meditation. Think about a peaceful scene, listen to the sounds around you, or download a guided meditation app like Serenity Now.

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