Lots of your hard earned money goes into picking out the best makeup, brushes, and beauty products to travel with. Keep your stash safe while you’re headed to your destination with these 13 clever travel tips.

  1. Stuff with Cotton: Powder compacts are prone to breakage if they’re dropped or have something smashed on top of them. Stick cotton balls or square cotton pads in-between the pressed powder and the top of the compact to lessen the impact. Like this. 
  1. Roll Your Brushes: Keep makeup brush handles from snapping or from losing bristles in transit by giving them a home of their own. A roll-up brush roll doesn’t take up a lot of space and keeps your brushes safe and organized.
  1. Keep Bobbi Pins Together: Upcycle a Tic Tac container to keep all of your Bobbi Pins in one place … that’s not at the bottom of your makeup bag.
  1. Get a Pot Holder: Turn a potholder or oven mitt into a case for your flat iron or curling iron so you can pack it into your suitcase while it’s still warm.
  1. Contact Cases: These little guys are great for stashing small amounts of foundation, concealer, primer, and more in your carry on bag. You can also use an empty straw to hold liquids, see how here.
  1. Little Lips: If you want to bring multiple colors and save space, shave a small amount off the end of your lipsticks and store them in a weekly pill case. Simply apply them with a lip brush when you reach your destination.
  1. Pill Containers: Empty pill bottles are perfect for travelling with Q-Tips or hair accessories.
  1. Buy Travel Brushes: Save space in your carry on and still keep your makeup looking fresh by adding a travel set of your favorite brushes to your collection. We like the Mini Essentials Set or short handled Lovely Looks Set.
  1. Use Retractable Brushes: Keep loose powder from spilling everywhere on the plane by loading up a Retractable Kabuki Brush with product then tossing it in your bag.
  1. Swipe Once: Those small Cosmetic Applicators are perfect for applying a single swipe of eye shadow or lipstick to incase you need a touch up. Load them up then seal them in a small plastic bag for travel.
  1. Stash Separately: For liquids, wrap each bottle in its own re-sealable bag so if it spills, you only have one thing to clean. You can also place a small piece of plastic wrap over bottle openings before screwing on the top to prevent spills.
  1. Save Your Razor: Keep your blades from rusting by coating them with a little olive oil.
  1. Make a DIY Perfume Pen: Don’t spill that precious perfume. Try this DIY project.

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