It’s not too late to get that perfect summer skin. Whether you’re trying to fake a fabulous complexion or create the perfect faux tan, we’ve got some top tips to help you get your glow on.

  1. Exfoliate
    It’s no shocker that the right foundation and self tanner colors are key, but did you know prepping your skin is just as important? Your foundation and tanner will look best applied to smooth and supple skin; that means exfoliating and moisturizing on a regular basis from head to toe. For exfoliation, we recommend our Deep Cleansing Pure Complexion Sponge for your face and Dual Sided Body Buff for the rest of the body. Dry brushing is also a great way to stimulate cell turnover and release that inner glow.
  2. Moisturize
    When it comes to moisturizer, make sure you’re picking a formula that isn’t too thick. Better Homes and Gardens says a good rule of thumb is “if cream still feels sticky or tacky three minutes after you apply it, it’s time to test drive lighter formulas.” If you have extra dry skin on your face, use a moisturizing primer on top of your moisturizer to help even out dry patches.
  3. Brush
    The best rule to remember? Hands off. Putting on foundation with your fingers can cause streaking, use up too much product, and transfer dirt and oil to your face. Use a Foundation Brush to swipe on a full coverage formula or a hybrid formula brush for BB creams and tinted moisturizer. Our Skin Perfecting Brush is perfect for those. To get a subtle faux glow use a Tapered Blush Brush to apply a dusty-rose colored blush in the hollows of your cheeks and then tap on metallic copper colored eye shadow.
  4. Tan
    You have to keep slathering on the SPF when you’re outside, but if you want to look a little sun kissed, apply a self tanner. Use a special mitt that comes with your tanner or dual purpose your EcoTools Bath & Shower Mitt. “When you use your hands to apply, especially if you slather the formula on with spread fingers, you’re going to get streaks” says Marie Claire. You can speed up the drying process with your hair dryer if needed. Then use a big body brush, like our Angled Kabuki Brush, to sweep a shimmering bronzer on to collarbones and décolleté.


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