Tailgating season meant spending weekend afternoons wrapped in your favorite football jersey, laughing with friends — not worrying about those crisp winds causing dry skin. Now it’s time for the big game! Whether or not your home team will be on the field, these four tips will give your skin a little TLC and get you game-day ready:

1. Use Moisturizing Body Wash and Facial Cleansers

When you jump into the shower, reach for a thick, creamy body wash infused with natural skin moisturizers like jojoba oil or extra virgin olive oil. Layer the body wash on liberally using bath and shower gloves that give your skin a gentle massage while you scrub. On your face, use an exfoliating deep pore cleanser to whisk away dry skin and dirt.

2. Hydrate Skin with Natural Oils

After your shower, give your skin an extra dose of moisture: Rub a small amount of creamy, room-temperature coconut oil on your legs, arms, torso, and face. This natural noncomedogenic oil won’t clog pores and is free of artificial dyes, fragrances, and other additives that can cause rashes on sensitive skin. The best part? Coconut oil will absorb into your skin after a few minutes, leaving it soft and hydrated.

3. Use Creamy Cosmetics to Protect Skin

Now it’s time to put your game face on — literally. Start with a liquid primer or creamy foundation to even out your complexion. Pay close attention to problem spots, such as the areas beneath your eyes where dark circles can form, and use a flat foundation brush or skin perfecting brush to apply liquid makeup with superior control. Finish your football-day look with cream-based eye shadow, blush, and eyeliner.

4. Rebound with Evening Exfoliation

After the last touchdown has been scored, start thinking about your pre-sleep skin-care routine. When it’s time to hit the shower, exfoliate to remove any dry skin (or face paint). Indulge with an exfoliating body wash, and use a body buff to gently scrub away any dry skin from your neck to your toes. Give the bottoms of your feet a little attention, too.

It’s easy to run out the clock on dry skin. With a few extra steps and the switch to creamy products, maintaining natural softness won’t push your beauty routine into overtime!

How do you keep dry skin at bay in the cooler months? Share your secrets in the comments below, or tweet us at @ecotools.

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Photo Source: Flickr