By now you know that, with a little practice, false eyelashes can easily add glamour to any look. But safely taking your lashes off is every bit as important as properly applying them.

When it comes to lash removal, gentleness and thoroughness are key. An improper removal technique can damage your natural lashes and result in lash shedding — plus, it can hurt the sensitive skin around your eyes. Before you panic, take a deep breath and follow this four-step process to learn how to remove false eyelashes correctly:

1. Get Loose

Gently clean around both eyes with a makeup-removing wipe. Remember to swipe out and away from your eyes, not in toward your nose.

When you’re done, soak two cotton pads in oil-free eye-makeup remover and rest them on your closed eyes. This will moisten your lids, helping to loosen the glue on your lash line.

2. Take ‘Em Away

Using the same cotton pads, lightly tug at your lash line — the false lashes should come off with ease. Note: If the lashes are stubborn, or you feel a pinching sensation, repeat step one to further loosen the glue. Never try to force falsies off of your eyes, as this could cause lasting damage to your skin and natural lashes.

3. Clean Up Nice (Again)

Any residual glue left between your natural lashes could take up to a week to work its way out. To speed up the process, soak your lashes again with oil-free makeup remover, then carefully brush them with an eyelash comb.

4. Save ‘Em for Later

Once you’ve taken care of your eyes, preserve your lashes: Using a pair of tweezers, remove any glue from the lash strip, then soak your falsies in an oil-free eye-makeup remover and let them air-dry. That way, they’ll be prepped for the next time you want to add some drama to your look.

When you don’t know how to remove false eyelashes safely, the idea of wearing them can feel intimidating. Got any other tricks for taking them off? Share in the comments, or tweet us at @ecotools.

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