Cat-eye makeup is especially popular for nights out on the town. Subtle, yet inspired by the drama and flair of the 1960s, it’s an easy look to recreate with eyeliner and mascara. Want to see for yourself? Check out this three-step tutorial:

1. Prime Your Eyes

Apply a thin, even layer of primer to your lids and the surrounding skin with a concealer brush. A base layer will keep anything you add to the area in place, be it shadow, liner, or other makeup. This is an important first step for every cat-eye, whether or not you plan to wear eye shadow.

2. Line Up

To shape your cat-eye, line the inner corners of both lids with an eyeliner brush and work your way outward. Once you reach each outer corner, draw a line toward the edge of your lower brow — a longer line will be more dramatic; a shorter line will look clean and modern. When you’re done, draw a second line that begins at the outer corner and meets the long line you already drew. Fill in any space between the lines, then dip a flat eyeliner brush in black eye shadow and pat it over them. This will set the liner, ensuring it sticks to your skin.

Finally, use a white or nude eyeliner pencil on your inner waterline to create the illusion of wider eyes.

3. Crank the Volume

Mascara is crucial for adding to the cat-eye drama. Use a generous amount on your top lashes, then carefully apply a bit more to the bottom. If your lower lashes are sparse, line them with a dark, fine-point liner (or use a fine-point brush with dark gel liner), avoiding the waterline.

With the right eyeliner and mascara, plus good brushes and some practice, you can nail the modern cat-eye — or take it to new levels with your own personal spin.

How do you cat-eye? Share your tips in the comments below, or show us on Facebook.

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Photo Source: Flickr