Fake lashes are great accessories that get a bad rap. But, fear not. You can easily wear yours in a natural way — and give your eyes the right amount of pop in the process.

To achieve the look you’re aiming for, start by knowing what you want: For a natural-lash look, choose a sparse pair similar in length to your own lashes. And if you’re looking for a more glamorous look, opt for a longer pair with more individual lashes. After you’ve settled on a style, use these four easy steps to help you flaunt your falsies like a pro:

1. Clean Up Nice

Technically, you can apply your lashes before or after you’ve finished your eye makeup. Many people, however, find putting their lashes on first is the best approach: Not only does clean skin prevent bacteria or excess product from making its way into your eyes, but being able to see your lashes will give you a sense of how you look and allow you to adapt the rest of your makeup accordingly.

Also, be forewarned that many false eyelashes are affixed to their original packaging by a clear layer of glue that sits on their lash lines. Remove it before you start!

2. Gentleladies, Start Your Gluengines

Prepare your glue by squeezing a pea-sized portion onto a clean surface. Allow it to sit for a moment so it becomes tacky — this will help it dry faster after application. If you’ve got dark hair, take note: There are special glue formulas that dry dark and will blend with your lashes. Feel comfortable knowing that EcoTools lashes glue is formulated without chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and latex, so they’re safe for everyday wear.

While your glue is setting, place your lashes on your natural lash line. This will help shape the lash band (and give you some practice).

3. Stick ‘Em On!

EcoTools lashes come with a dual-ended tool made of bamboo, a highly sustainable plant, so they’re easy to apply. You can also use the handle of a skinny makeup brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the lash strip. Stand close to a mirror and apply the fake lashes, keeping them as close as possible to your natural lash line. It’s easiest to work your way from the outside to the inside of each eye, securing the lashes segment by segment. Before the glue dries, check to make sure you didn’t miss any spots and that your lashes are properly affixed to your skin.

4. Add Some Mascara — If You Want To

This step comes down to personal preference. Some ladies prefer applying a coat of mascara to blend their lashes, while others prefer to leave mascara out of the equation. Experiment, and find out what you like best.

What’s your best fake-eyelash application tip? Share your secrets in the comments below, then post a photo on our Facebook Timeline.

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