Quick, which is better: warm, toasty ears, or gorgeous winter hair? Everybody has a different opinion, but, really, why should you have to choose? Wouldn’t it be better if you could stay cozy in an adorable hat and still have great hair when you took it off? Well, you can! There isn’t just one solution for hat hair, but a whole prevention toolbox — and the more well-stocked you keep yours, the better your hair will look.


Have you ever taken off your hat and noticed that strands of your hair stand up to follow like the tails of comets? The problem is static, and the answer is moisture — the more, the better. Start with a leave-in conditioner, then rub in a thermal protectant before you start to blow-dry. Before you head out, apply a smoothing serum that will tame any flyaways.


Hats retain heat and moisture — so, if you pull a hat over hair that’s wet or damp, the hair will take on whatever shape the hat forces it into. Don’t let your hat dictate your ‘do: Make sure your hair is completely dry before you grab that cute new beanie or ski cap.


Since hats tend to flatten hair, you’ll want to amp things up a bit more than usual. Use a volumizing brush while you blow-dry for thicker, fuller hair. When you’re finished, a few squirts of hair spray applied directly to the roots will help hold in the volume you created.

The Right Hat

The kind of hat you wear also makes a big difference. Natural fibers like wool and cotton are the least likely to cause frizz, while synthetic fibers make static worse. Where style is concerned, fedoras and loose-knit beanies will do less damage than hats that hug your head.


No matter what precautions you take, there’s a good chance your hair will need a little post-hat touch-up. If you’ve taken the steps above, this will be pretty easy: Bend at the waist and hang your head down, then run a brush with synthetic boar bristles from the roots to the ends. Flip your hair back the right way, and brush it again with long, smoothing motions. If you have curly hair, a touch of your favorite product or dry shampoo can help do the trick.

Be kind to your ears this winter. Use every tool at your disposal to fight against hat hair and you won’t have to choose between comfort and style.

What are your shortcuts to beautiful winter hair? Share your secrets in the comments below, or tweet us at @ecotools.

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Photo Source: Flickr