Navy blue is one of this year’s hottest winter fashion trends — it’s the new black of 2014–2015! Unlike black, however, a navy blue outfit requires careful makeup coordination. Luckily, you have these tips to help you create a look that pops.

How Not to Navy

Before we start, let’s set one cardinal rule: Navy is a no-no. Navy makeup, that is. The monochromatic look is totally out of date, so go easy on the navy shadow, liner, and mascara when you’re wearing the color on your body. Make exceptions only if you’re wearing a navy skirt or pants with a complementary color on top. Otherwise, stick to just a hint of navy on your lashes or at the outer corners of your eyes.

What Lovely Eyes

When it comes to your eyes, complement! No, not compliment, though those are also nice. Since you can’t always wear navy makeup, try a complementary color, such as orange. While you may not want to wear a traffic-cone shade, corals, peaches, and browns are in the same family and will create a striking, vibrant look. If you’d rather go with something more subtle, try coordinating colors like gray and shimmery silver.

Think Lips

The theory is the same for your lips as it is for your eyes — think complements and coordinators. For a striking look, try brown or coral; for a classic look, wear a cool pink or red with blue undertones.

Don’t Forget Your Cheeks

Since dark colors can wash out your skin, you’ll definitely want to wear blush. Browns, corals, and pinks with blue undertones will all look fabulous. When you’re picking your blush, though, be sure to use the same color family that you used on your lips: Bright-pink cheeks with coral lips aren’t flattering on anyone.

Don’t let navy make you feel blue. A few basic facts about color are all you need to rock one of this year’s hottest winter fashion trends with class!

How will you rock the navy look this season? Post your outfit and makeup tips in the comments below, then send us your best look on Facebook.

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