Wish symbols of holiday cheer would magically appear around your home and workplace? They can! This season, upcycle some expired or well-worn beauty products and tools into holiday decorations for your very own beauty-themed tree. Looking to skip the tinsel? Recycle a bath pouf. Want to craft ornaments from old makeup brushes? You can do that, too! Here are a few creative ideas to help you get started:

Wrap the Tree

When it’s time to replace your favorite bath pouf, don’t toss out the old one. Instead, run it through your washing machine on the coldest cycle, let it air-dry, then carefully cut the binding cord that keeps it in a ball shape. When you unravel it, you’ll create a wide, flowing garland that can easily wrap around the tree.

Feeling extra ambitious? Thread a string of white twinkle lights through the former bath pouf, then arrange it on the branches. Pretty!

Embellish the Branches

Now it’s time to channel your inner DIY goddess. Collect any expired makeup compacts, tubes of lipstick, or other colorful beauty products that you don’t use. Pick up a few clear, hollow globe ornaments and tuck the beauty products inside. Hang the ornaments as homages to those favorite bygone cosmetics.

And what about that fan brush that won’t hold its shape, or the overly fluffy eyeliner brush? Grab a bottle of spray paint and turn them into shimmery, dangling icicles. Use silver or gold glitter paint for truly seasonal style, and adhere coordinating ribbon to the brush handles with super glue. When you’re done, tie them to the tree.

Top It Off

Finish your fancy foliage with something even better than a store-bought tree topper: a handcrafted star!

To start, collect 10 of those miniature eye-shadow applicators that come tucked in every compact (but rarely get used) and arrange them in the shape of a five-pointed star. Use a dab of super glue to join all the pieces together, then — when they’re secure — finish the star with a layer of shiny yellow or gold paint. Carefully place your topper onto the uppermost branches of the tree, then step back to admire your seasonal specialty.

Are you making a beauty-themed Christmas tree flanked with DIY holiday decorations? Share your tricks in the comments, then post a picture on Facebook and share the upcycled love!

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