Halloween is the time of year when you get to channel your creativity and embody your alter ego. While it’s easy to pull out your credit card and purchase a mass-produced costume, why not save some money? Most people have the tools for DIY Halloween costumes in their closets and can get away with spending almost nothing. Don’t be another run-of-the-mill character this year — get artsy and create an upcycled Halloween costume instead. Here are four ideas to get you started:

1. Día de los Muertos Skull

Skull Makeup

Photo Source: Flickr

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday that honors the dead, and dressing up like one of the celebration’s iconic skulls is a great way to honor this centuries-old tradition. Wear an all-black ensemble and focus on applying your makeup. The key to this look is having the right brushes — you’ll need a custom coverage buffing brush to apply a white base, a concealer brush for bold, black lines, and mini brushes for any pop-of-color precision you need.

2. Pop-Art Caricature

Pop-Art Costume

Photo Source: Flickr

Of all DIY Halloween costumes, the pop-art caricature is the most impressive. Don some vibrant, retro-style clothes and use the brushes mentioned above to outline the major lines of your face, such as your jawline, the bridge of your nose, your eyebrows, and your cheekbones. Paint the area within the lines white, and then add plenty of dots (red and blue dots are popular, but you can use your imagination). Try a detailed lip brush for your red lip and a foam applicator brush for the dots.

3. Bunch of Grapes

Grape Costume

Photo Source: Flickr

This costume is a lot of fun. First, decide which color you’d like your grapes to be — green, red, or purple — and whip out leggings, shorts, and a shirt. (It’s best if you have some that are the same color as the variety of grapes you choose, but you can get away with any color, so there’s no need to invest in anything new.) Next, inflate some matching balloons from your local dollar store. Using safety pins, carefully pin each balloon to your shirt until you look like a bunch of grapes. If you have a partner in crime, pair up and pick opposing colors.

4. Flapper


Photo Source: Flickr

If you have a short black dress, then you can be a flapper for Halloween with little financial investment. All you’ll need is a headpiece, a feather boa, and a fake long cigar, all of which you can find for a low cost at most costume stores. For makeup, focus on your eyes and lips — we recommend applying soft, dramatic lashes to create a more glamorous look. For an entirely homemade costume, interlock safety pins to create a webbed headpiece, and create your boa with tissue paper.

Which DIY costume will you be wearing this year? Share in the comments below, or post a photo on our Facebook Timeline!

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Featured Photo Source: Flickr