There’s a chill in the air and a host of pumpkin-spice lattes at your local coffee shop. Autumn has arrived! It’s time to dig your favorite cardigan out from the back of the closet, slip into a pair of ankle boots, and put that bubblegum-pink lip gloss away for the season — or is it?

Get creative with your fall lipstick by upcycling your favorite pink and peach summer hues. Here are three ways you can put those warm-weather lip colors to good use:

1. Lovely Layers

Remember the ombre hairstyles that sizzled this summer? That carefree, faded look is now showing up on the lips of runway models. Ombre fades are a great way to show off seasonal colors and use up your favorite summer lipsticks all at the same time.

To get the look, apply your favorite fall tone — from creamy cocoa to burnt orange — to your lips. Then use the soft tip of a mini brush to add a highlight of summer shade, such as pale pink, to the center of each lip just below the Cupid’s bow (the divot between the end of your nose and upper lip). Blend the lip colors where they meet so the ombre pattern appears seamless.

2. Master Makeup Mixology

This fall, wine-colored lips are in. So, why not create your own custom hue by mixing a few lipstick ends or the remains of your summer lip gloss together to create a dark, rich color?

To make a signature wine tone, choose reds and purples for your base. Grab a small bowl and the blunt end of a wooden spoon and mash the lipstick ends until combined. Then scoop the creamy color into a lip-gloss pot from the craft store (or clean and reuse an empty one you already have). Apply your new seasonal lip color with a detailed lip brush to get smooth, even coverage.

3. Seasonal Sheen

If you’re rocking those copper earrings and knee-high boots with silver buckles this fall, flaunt an extra metallic pop on your lips! Start by putting on your favorite fall lipstick, then top it with a coat of your go-to glittery summer gloss. The top coat will leave your lips with a sexy, eye-grabbing shimmer that’s perfect for the season.

Have you been upcycling your favorite summer lip hues for fall? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments below, or post a photo to our Facebook Timeline!

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