Sometimes waxing and plucking aren’t enough to keep your brows in line. From a rigorous workout to a windy summer afternoon, any given day brings countless pesky things ready to mess up your eyebrows. After you’ve finished your eyebrow shaping either at home or with the help of a salon, keep those tiny hairs smooth and coiffed with these tips.

Where Should My Eyebrows Arch?

First, it’s best to know where your eyebrows should have a slight, natural arch. This gives your face more expression and has an altogether flattering appeal. (We all remember those angry cartoon characters with straight, slanted eyebrows, right? Yeah, avoid that!)

Place the handle of a makeup brush against one of your cheeks so it rests vertically, then align it with the outer side — the part closest to your ear, not your nose — of your iris. Follow the tip of the brush up to your eyebrows. Its placement indicates the highest part of your arch. Tweeze, pluck, or wax this area to define it.

How Do I Groom My Eyebrows?

Once your eyebrow shaping is complete, keep up appearances with 30 seconds of daily grooming. Start by tweezing any stray hairs, then smooth your brows with your lash and brow groomer brush. Start at the end closest to your nose and brush toward your ears. Here’s a quick Vine to show you how!

If you have sparse, thin eyebrows, use eyebrow powder makeup in the same tone as the hairs to give them a full appearance. Use the tip of an angled brush to sweep it along the brow line.

What Can I Do to Keep My Brows in Place?

Once you’ve wrangled your brows, make them stay put. If the hairs seem dry, or if you have flaking skin just beneath them, place a dab of coconut oil on the tip of a clean eye shadow applicator brush. Sweep it over each brow to hydrate and smooth the brows. Or, spray a small amount of hairspray onto a cotton ball, then sweep that over the brows for all-day staying power.

Don’t forget to add eyebrow care to your daily makeup routine. Do you have unruly brows? In the comments below, tell us about your biggest challenges when it comes to eyebrow shaping and grooming.

Photo Source: Flickr