Posts from 2014

The Party’s Over: How to Remove False Eyelashes Safely

When you get home after a big night out, take a deep breath and follow this four-step process to learn how to remove false eyelashes correctly.

The Righteous Cat-Eye: Recreate 1960s Eyeliner and Mascara for Your Next Night Out

Searching for a retro look for your next night out? Here’s how to create a modern version of the classic cat-eye using eyeliner and mascara.

Flaunt Your Falsies: 4 Easy Steps for Applying Fake Lashes

Scared by the idea of applying fake lashes? Don’t be! Just follow these seven easy steps to eyelash bliss.

Save Your Ears: How to Win the Battle Against Hat Hair

What if you didn’t have to choose between warm ears and beautiful hair? Use these tools to fight the battle against hat hair this winter.

All About Navy: Match Your Makeup with the Latest Winter Fashion Trends

What makeup should you wear with navy-colored winter fashion trends? Find out here!

3 Quick Hairstyles and Techniques for Busy Women

If you want classy style that doesn’t cramp your schedule, these three quick hairstyles and techniques keep your hair looking clean and shiny on busy days.

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