12.24 NYE Flash Lashes
Most women only wear false eye lashes for special occasions, and 66% of women told EcoTools they’ve never worn them at all!  Next to Halloween, New Year’s Eve is the biggest false lash wearing occasion, and a perfect time to try false lashes if you’ve never worn them before.  Need a little push to try them for the first time?  Here are five reasons to wear false eyelashes to ring in the New Year.

  1. They’re Fun – Popping on a pair of falsies make your eyes stand out and boost your confidence.  They’re a great way to accent a smoky cat eye or bring attention to fabulous bold brows.  You can accent them with crystals or sparkly mascara.  Plus since they’re black, they’ll look good with any outfit!
  2. They’re Safe – In a poll by EcoTools, 69% of women said that makeup products should be non-damaging.  Good news, EcoTools Lash Systems are 100% cruelty free and formulated without parabens, phthalates, latex, and formaldehyde.  They won’t hurt your eyes and are great for those with allergies to other glues.
  3. They’re an all-in-one – When you buy some lashes you have to purchase lashes, glue, and application tools separately.  Not with ours!  The EcoTools Lash System comes complete with lashes, safe for everyday use glue, and a dual ended application tool all in one box.  Bonus: each system cost less than $10.
  4. They’re Versatile – With five styles to choose from, you can find false lashes for any look you’d like to create.  Pick a barely there pair for a subtle look or something soft and dramatic for a bolder look.  You can trim your lashes to fit your eyes or cut them in half for just an accent on the outer corners.
  5. They’re Reusable – The gentle EcoTools glue means you can gently pull off the lashes and excess glue and wear them again!  You’ll be able to get several more uses out of your 2014 false lashes after the ball has dropped…Valentine’s Day, birthdays, spring weddings…you name it!

Convinced you should try lashes?  Check out our blogs on wearing perfect party lashes and inspiration for New Year’s Eve false lashes.

Grab a pair now! Need to shop for a pair locally?  Check out Walgreens or Ulta Beauty.