5 Minutes to FabulousTime is tight if you need to freshen up fast.  Sometimes there’s just no time to spend 20-30 minutes on your makeup.  If you’re heading from day to night, last minute cocktails, or need to apply party makeup quickly, we have some tips for you.

  1. First thing first: Get the Right Brushes!
    You’ll want a group of brushes that multi-task.  Our day to night set is perfect for stashing in your bag or desk drawer.  All 5 brushes fit in the chic bag that’s included and even has room for a few makeup essentials.
  2. Add On and Amp Up
    When packing your makeup bag, the thing to focus on when changing every day makeup to party makeup is to add on and amp up.  Focus on products that enhance and refresh the makeup you already have on.  Think concealer, blush or bronzer, an eye liner pencil and a darker lip color.
  3. Fix Your Foundation
    Don’t bother removing and reapplying your foundation.  Instead, spritz your face with a facial mist or gently press a damp makeup sponge on your face to re-hydrate your skin.  Prone to oiliness?  Use a blotting sheet or tissue to remove any excess oil.  Apply concealer using a brush to any blemishes and under eyes for an instant pick me up.
  4. Add Color
    Add a little more blush for evening or sweep on a bronzer in a “3” shape from temple, cheek, to jaw to create instant glow.  Change up your subtle, nude lips to a bright pink or seasonal, classic red.  If you use the straight edge of your lip detailer brush, you can skip the liner.
  5. Bring on the Drama
    If you really want to amp up your look, pop on a pair of false lashes.  Also, if your liner from the morning is smudged – leave it.  Allure Magazine points out it will look sexier that way and you can just intensify it by tracing over the lash line and winging it out slightly with a pencil or angled liner brush.

Voila!  5 minutes of less and you’re ready to party!

Photo Source: Flickr