12.13 Instaglam Selfie  Makeup Tips
Tis the season for selfies!  With all the holiday events and parties you’ll be invited to this month, you’ll definitely want to snap some selfies to share with the world.  The best way to look great in your photos? Stunning makeup of course!  Here are five great tips for creating selfie worthy makeup:

  1. Use a Primer – Just like good undergarments can make or break an outfit, a layer of mattifying primer will help your makeup look better.  It will even out fine lines, wrinkles, and help your makeup last all night.  Skin feeling extra dry?  Apply moisturizer with a foundation brush before applying primer, then follow with foundation using the same brush.
  2. Wear Matte Makeup – Warm party rooms, flashes, and close ups can all make makeup look a little shinny.  Dewy foundation can read as oily and that shimmery lipstick will look super shiny and slippery up close, so stick to matte makeup for the best look.
  3. Wear False Lashes – Especially if you’ll be at a glam occasion like a New Year’s Eve party, a smashing birthday party, or having cocktails at a swanky spot, you’ll want to pop on a pair of false lashes.  They’ll make your eyes pop and insure your lashes don’t disappear in dim lighting.  Grab a pair of our eco-friendly ones available in 5 different styles.
  4. Apply Liberal Blush – Make sure your cheeks are visible in the photo by applying a little extra blush than you normally would.  Grab your buffing brush after application to buff out any edges, for a seamless look.  Want your cheeks to look slimmer?  Sweep one shade darker than skin tone bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks.
  5. Skip Subtle – Lucky Magazine reminds you to “Spend a good amount of time applying your makeup, and apply a little more than you usually would (even if you’re going for the ‘no makeup, makeup look).”  You want to show off how fabulous you look, so use your beauty skills to enhance your best features.

Now that you have the tips for taking gorgeous selfies, make sure to show us your handi-work!  Share your photo with us on Instagram, Facebook or twitter using #EcoTools.

Photo from @christyxiong