11.29 Tips for Luxe Perfect Eyeliner Liner
Eyeliner is one of the trickier makeup skills to master, but with a few tips and practice, you can have fabulous looking liner in no time.

  1. Pick the Right Tool – Using the right brush or type of liner is crucial for starting off on the right foot.  An angled eyeliner brush, available in our starter set, is best for gel liners or wet shadows, while a flat liner brush works well for stamping on cream color or tight lining.  If you want to use a pencil, make sure you pick a creamy formula and always make sure the point is sharp before you start.
  2. Apply Second – Apply your liner after your eye shadow but before mascara.  With bare lashes, you’ll be able to better apply liner between them or move lashes around to get a pencil in there.
  3. Use Multiple Strokes – A common makeup myth is that liner needs to be applied in one smooth stroke.  Not true!  Use several small strokes to sketch side to side.  Gently pulling the outer edge of your eyelid so the skin is taught can help.  If your line is a little wiggly, use a smudge brush to glide over the top and smooth it out.
  4. Keep it Thin – The point of liner according to Red Book Magazine is to “not see the liner – just wide eyed gorgeousness,” so keep your liner thin unless you’re applying a cat eye or a pop of color.  Line the top eye inner rims only for a bigger looking eye.  Depending on your eye shape, lining the bottom can make eyes look smaller.

Once you’re done applying your perfect liner, don’t forget to pop on a few coats of mascara or a pair of false lashes to complete the look!  Then share a photo of your look using the #EcoTools on twitter, Facebook or Instagram…we’d love to see it!