11.19  5 Signs You Need New Makeup Brushes
Do you know when it’s time to replace your makeup brushes?  Unfortunately, they don’t last forever.  Keeping your brushes clean and storing them properly will help high quality brushes (like EcoTools!) last for a long time, but eventually, all brushes will tire out.  Here are 5 signs that it’s time to replace your makeup brushes.

  1. Shedding – If your brush is constantly shedding bristles, it’s time for a new one.  Submerging the area of the brush where the ferrule (the metal part) meets the bristles can cause the glue to loosen over time and cause bristle loss.  There’s nothing worse than putting the finishing touches on your makeup and finding a brush bristle stuck in your gloss.
  2. Permanently Dirty – We all know cleaning brushes is important, but if there’s one or two that don’t get cleaned very often, they might be permanently dirty.  If you just can’t get those bristles clean, opt for a replacement.  Getting more break outs than normal?  Your brush could be to blame.  Months old makeup stuck in bristles can cause your face to break out or even become infected!  Better safe than sorry.
  3. Broken Handles – While EcoTools brushes are made to last, any brush that’s exposed to water where the ferrule meets the brush handle can come apart.  That’s why it’s important to never submerge your brushes in water and let them soak.  If your handle is loose, the brush won’t apply product correctly.
  4. Cracked Parts – Any part of your brush cracked?  If an accident has befallen your favorite brush and cracked part of the handle or ferrule, it’s time for a new one.  Even the smallest crack can harbor bacteria and germs that will transfer to your hands or face.
  5. Misshapen – If you use the same brush every day, it’s possible for it to become misshapen, especially if you’re a little heavy handed.  If you notice your brush doesn’t return to the shape it was in when you purchased it, replace it.  Using a misshapen brush can apply product unevenly or take longer to achieve the look you’re going for.

The good news is, with proper care, your EcoTools will last a long time.  Make sure to wash your brushes weekly with brush cleaner or baby shampoo and lay flat to dry.  Check out more brush care tips at the bottom of the brush product pages.  Always store your brushes bristles up when not in use, and when you’re travelling, get them their own case so they don’t break.

How do you care for your brushes?