9.27 Blog DIY Pedicure How To

Just because the season of socks has come to replaces sandals, doesn’t mean you have to stop giving your feet some T.L.C.  A DIY pedicure is the perfect way to pamper yourself at home and it’s not as hard as you think.  Follow our four easy steps for creating the perfect pedicure all by yourself:

  1. Prep and Soak: Soften your skin with a little soak in the bath tub or a large bowl with some Epsom salts.  Warm water and Epsom salts help soften skin, reduce stress, and relieve muscle pain.  Soak for about 10 minutes.  Then while your feet are nice and soft, use an Ecopumice smoothing stone to gently buff calluses out of heels.
  2. Brush and Moisturize: Give your feet a nice massage with a foot brush or use an exfoliating scrub while massaging your feet.  You can make your own by combining sugar with a little olive oil and lemon.  Once rinsed off, dry you feet and apply a little moisturizer.  Push back your cuticles, using a little cuticle cream, and clip toe nails if they need it.
  3. Paint: Use a toe separator to keep nails from touching each other and when nails are clean and dry, grab your favorite color.  Use a base coat if you want, and when applying color start by painting a strip right down the middle of your big toe nail vertically.  Then continue on both sides until the nail is covered.  Paint one foot, then the other letting each layer dry a bit before applying a second coat and topcoat.
  4. Admire and Moisturize: Admire your fabulous job once nails are completely dry. Finish your pedicure by apply moisturizer to your feet and pop on a pair of spa moisture socks.  Wear the socks over night to lock in moisture.

Voila!  A spa inspired DIY pedicure at home.  Have any tips to add?  Leave a comment and let us know!