9.24 Blog Beauty Rules It's Ok to Break
If you’re a fan of beauty blogs and women’s magazines, you know there are lot of “rules” for how to apply makeup.  Sometimes though, it’s okay to skip some rules if they don’t suit your coloring, personality, or beauty skill.  You can still look polished and feel beautiful even if you break the following beauty rules.

  • Always Apply Blush Last: While it is a good idea to apply all your cream makeup and then your powder makeup, there’s no harm in applying blush right after foundation and powder.  As long as your blush is well blended and acts as a graceful transition between eyes and lips, you’re a-okay.
  • Wear Trendy Colors:  If a current trend in the makeup world doesn’t suit your facial coloring or feels too boring or too out there, it’s perfectly acceptable to skip it.  Classic makeup looks like subtle smoky eyes, red or nude lips, and classic black liner will always be in style.
  • Avoid Heavy Creams and Foundations: If you prefer the look and coverage of a full foundation instead of tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, go for it!  As long as you use a great foundation brush or foam applicator to apply and blend well, there’s nothing wrong with full coverage.  In fact, thick creamy concealer works best to cover up redness and pimples.
  • False Lashes = Special Occasion:  While popping on a pair of false eye lashes is a perfect way to glam up a special occasion, you don’t have to save falsies for those once a year events.  A barely there pair can be worn anytime and are a perfect way to look polished and put together.  Bonus, our cruelty-free false lashes are completely free of dangerous chemicals, so they’re safe for everyday wear!

Photo from Nouvelle Daily