8.30 Blog New Uses for Buttons
Chances are you have some extra buttons lying around, whether from clothes you no longer have or leftovers from a craft project.  Good news: you can put those extra buttons to clever uses!  Those stray buttons in your sewing kit can now become functional members of your house.  Read on for five of our favorite new uses for buttons.

  • Mark Your Spot.  Use a button to keep your place at the end of a roll of tape.  No more hunting for the end or wasting tape by folding over a corner.
  • Make Magnets.  Repurpose those ornate and pretty buttons as magnets for your fridge, school locker, or bulletin board.  Glue a small, round magnet or flat thumbtack to the back of each one.  Voila, a pretty was to display snapshots or artwork!
  • Pair Up Earrings.  To keep stud earrings together in your jewelry box or while you’re traveling, push posts through the holes of a button and pop the backs on.
  • Display Them.  Similar colored buttons look great piled in mason jars or used as vase filler.  Need a few more to round out your collection?  Some fabric stores sell buttons by the pound or cupful at a reasonable price.
  • Keep It Level.  Have a wobbly table or small appliance (like a dvd player) that’s wobbly?  Slip a button underneath the short side.