8.16 FB Look Well Rested
Of course the best way to look and feel beautiful is with beauty sleep, but what about those nights when you just can’t seem to get enough?  There are some DIY tips and tricks you can do to look well rested, even when you’re not.

  1. Chill Out.  Waking up tired can lead to puffiness and nothing gives away an “I got less than 8 hours of sleep” vibe like puffy under eyes.  Try anything chilled resting on the eyes for 10 minutes to get rid of puffiness.  Try ice, spoons, veggie packages, or even a wet, cold tea bag.  You can even stash your eye cream in the fridge for an extra shot of coolness.
  2. Add Mint.  Using mint infused products can increase mental alertness and give you a morning pick me up according to esthetician Renee Roulea.  Pick up a morning face scrub with mint in it or try this cooling lotion recipe we found from Henry Happened.   Bonus: exfoliation brings oxygenated blood flow to the surface for an instant glow!  So grab your facial buff and get glowing!
  3. Exercise: Even a quick bout of jumping jacks can boost circulation and help return blood flow to your face.  “The body relies on external movement and breathing to keep fluids from pooling in areas like under the eyes,” says Leslie Baumann, professor of dermatology at the University of Miami.  Even a small dry body brushing before your shower with a loofah sponge can help.
  4. Lipstick.  When all else fails, pop on a pair of shades and a bright lipstick!  Color helps your face look more awake and a bright lip can draw the focus away from tired eyes.  Your tiredness can be your little secret!