NYE Makeup Looks

Looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look?  Look no further!  Since a festive occasion is the perfect time to wear false eye lashes, we’ve gathered up perfect party looks to match some of our brand new false eye lashes.  Even if you’ve never worn falsies before, now is the perfect time to start!

Here are some false lash tips to get you started:
*Before wearing your lashes for the first time, take them off the plastic tray and hold them up to your lash line to ensure they fit.  If they’re a touch too big, trim the outside ends lash by lash using scissors until you have a perfect fit
*Apply them before or after your eye makeup, whichever you prefer, but the lashes may adhere better on bare skin.  Make sure to curl your real eyelashes before applying the fake ones to help them blend better.
*Apply the included glue in a thin line onto the lashes then let it sit for 10-30 seconds.  This allows the glue to get tacky and not slide around.  Apply a little extra glue on both ends as these parts tend to move the most.  Don’t forget to feel comfortable knowing our lashes are safe for everyday wear: our glue is formulated without chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and latex!
*Hold the lash strip up to your eye and slowly apply it as close to your lash line as possible.  If you need help, hold the lashes with your tweezers and press into place or put a mirror on the counter and look directly down at yourself during application.
*Once your lashes are on, use our bamboo dual ended tool to push the false lashes closer to your lash line and comb through with the spoolie end to combine your real and fake lashes.  For even better blending, swipe on a coat of mascara.
*Practice makes perfect!  Make sure you try putting on your lashes for the first time a day or two before New Year’s Eve so you won’t be stressed out if it takes a time or two to get used to applying them.

Here are some ideas for fabulous makeup and outfits to pair with your lashes for a gorgeous New Year’s Eve look:


Dramatic and Glamorous
Dramatic and Glamorous NYE Makeup Idea
If you’re headed to a swanky event, black tie ball, or a party you’d like to look extra fabulous, you’ll want to glam it up with a dramatic eye look and a sparkly dress!  A little black dress and some extra sparkles are always in style.  Go for a bold, unexpected look with a poppy pink lip stick instead of traditional red.

Soft and Dramatic Lashes
Glitter Eye Makeup


Subtle Sparkle
Subtle Shimmer NYE Makeup
If subtle and simple is your beauty choice, you’ll want to accent a great outfit with a subtle silver smokey eye, wispy and flared lashes, and a touch of loose glitter to add extra sparkle.

Wispy and Flared Lashes
Silver Smokey Eye
Glitter Powder
Tux Jacket
White Skirt
Statement Necklace


Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink NYE Look
Staying local and just visiting your favorite bar or restaurant?  Stay festive by picking a frock in your favorite color and lining your eyes to match.  Our barley there half lashes are the perfect compliment: a little extra fullness but not too over the top for even the casual-est of gathering.

Barley There Lashes
Pink Lined Eye
Pink Eye Liner


No matter which lashes you pick, we hope you’ll have a very happy New Year’s Eve!