Fashion Week for the Spring 2013 collections officially starts this Thursday, September 6th!  Last year we saw lots of lip, retro revivals, and pinkish-orange eyes.  We predict this year they’ll be lots of brows, bold lips, and wine inspired colors.   No matter what the trends, there are always a handful of stand-by looks that last the test of time.  Elle Magazine calls these the Most Reliable Hit List.  “While some trends are one-season wonders, others are perennial staples.”   These three makeup trends have graced the runways consistently since 2003.  It’s no surprise that all three are easy to recreate at home, and they all look fabulous on the runway and off.

Smoky Eye

Often called the most versatile look in a makeup repertoire; the smoky eye can be bold and smoldering or subtle and sexy.  Since 2004 this look has seen many shapes on the runways, from gothic inspired dark blacks and greys to lighter browns and more subtle washes of color.  The smoky eye can be altered for any occasion.  Wear it with pewters and black glitter for a night out on the town or create a soft, office appropriate eye with browns and pinks.  Elle Magazine’s pro tip: “Don’t be afraid to take neutral hues up to the brow bone for more impact.”

Need some help creating the perfect smoky eye?  Check out this video tutorial.  Makeup artist Meredith Baraf shows you how to create a smoldering look with your EcoTools brushes.

Photo:, a smoky brown eye from the runway of Dior.

Red Lip

Crimson lips and runways go together like peanut butter and jelly.  It’s a tried and true classic that has been gracing the runways for decades…Anna Sui, Diane Von Furstenberg, Valentino, Thakoon, etc.  Red lips have been paired with dark liner, bright blush, smoky eyes, neutral eyes, you name it.  To get the classic red lips for yourself, exfoliate your lips to remove flakes with a sugar scrub, toothbrush, or an over the counter lip mask, use a liner, and then try this trick from makeup artist Diane Kendal: “Top lipstick with a matching powder pigment or blush for extra saturation.”  Don’t stress about finding the perfect shade, models of all skin tones walk down the runway in the same color.  Just use a matching or nude lip liner and apply color with your Lip/Detailer Brush for expert precision.


Winged Liner

Have you been seeing wings all over?  That’s because they have been on the runways since 2005 in black, brown, even bold colors.  You can create a subtle look with a simple flick of your Angled Eye Liner Brush or a bold, long line with your darkest eyeliner.   According to Elle Magazine “Mixing up the finish keeps winged liner modern while maintaining its retro charm.  The colorful, graphic-lined lids of 2005 softened into an eye shadow upswept in 2009, and last year in 2012, Anna Sui debuted bright blue pop-art inspired lines with an under eye dot accent (shown above in a photo from Lush Fab Glam).   Want to see some winged eyes that are popular at this moment?  Check out our Popular Pins blog post for three great inspirations and application tips.  No matter what winged look you decide to create, just make sure the wing turns upward for an eye opening effect.


Make sure to look for the newest versions of these Fashion Week staples this week and next!  Want to relive some of the beauty trends from last fall’s Fashion Week?  Check out Greta Eagan’s special blogs for 2012 Fashion week here.  Relive your favorites before you find new favorites at this year’s show.