We’ve all seen those colorful baskets of frothy looking mesh bath sponges, or poufs; but what are they and why should you be using one?  The bath pouf sometimes called a loofah or bath puff is a dense, mesh like material that’s perfect for creating a bubbly lather and exfoliating your skin (especially important in the winter and really dry weather) in the shower.  Yes, you could use a sponge, wash cloth, or just your hands, but using a bath pouf is gentler on your skin and allows you to use less product, which is better for your wallet and the environment!

For the best results, wet your EcoPouf, apply a quarter sized dollop (more or less if desired) of our Clean Skin, Greener World Creamy Body Wash, and work into the pouf with your hands until it starts to lather.  Your pouf will continue to work into frothy lather while you use it to gently exfoliate your arms, legs, shoulders, etc.  When you’re done, don’t forget to rinse it thoroughly and pop it into the washing machine every couple weeks to make sure it’s squeaky clean.  Then simply let it air dry on a towel or in the tub.

Our first of its kind EcoPouf is perfect for any bath routine and good for the environment too.  They’re created from 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable themselves, simply pop off the rope when your pouf is at the end of its life and toss it in with your recycling.   Another great idea for poufs literally at the end of their rope: Upcycle them.  Check out this blog post from Salihan Crafts for two great ways to reuse your bath puff.

So which pouf is right for you?  Check out our five different bath poufs:

EcoPouf Bath Sponge Our bestselling bath sponge was the first of its kind, 100% recycled plastic and recyclable.  It comes in green, orchid, and blue and creates an all over rich lather.  It’s perfect for gentle cleansing for the whole family.

EcoPouf Mini Bath Sponge The same great pouf bath sponge as our traditional EcoPouf but in a petite package.  This cute miniature version is perfect for little hands or a small bathroom and comes in the same pretty pastel shades as its bigger version: orchid purple, light blue, and light green.

Exfoliating EcoPouf The Exfoliating EcoPouf is the perfect pouf for anyone looking for a bath pouf for exfoliation and soft, smooth skin every day.  Made with a more exfoliating recycled plastic than the traditional EcoPouf, it is still 100% recycled and recyclable.  Available in blue, berry, and taupe.

EcoPouf Cleansing Pad If you’re looking for a bath sponge with a bit more presentational oomph, the cleansing pad pouf is perfect for you.  This dual-sided shower loofah has a natural loofah side that gently exfoliates for fresh, radiant skin, while the 100% recycled plastic netting side creates a rich cleansing lather.  It features a reversible hand strap for a controlled comfort grip and comes in a bright green color.

EcoPouf Bath Brush For giving your hard to reach places a little tlc, the EcoPouf Bath Brush is perfect.  It features our first of its kind EcoPouf netting on a long bamboo handle.  Available in orchid and blue, and of course, made of 100% recycled materials.

Now that you know all about the bath pouf you can pick out your favorite at one of our fabulous retailers.  Have you tried a bath pouf yet?  Which one is your favorite?