Now that November is here, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing those famous red kettles from the Salvation Army popping up in front of our favorite stores.  Nothing says “’Tis the Season” like a little bell ringing and giving your spare dollars to a good cause.  The official name of the Salvation Army’s program is “The Red Kettle Christmas Campaign.”  First started in San Francisco in 1891, it enables the Army to provide food, toys, and clothing to over six million people during the Christmas Season.  They also help more than 34 million Americans during all kinds of personal disasters.

Want to do more than just donate your change?  Volunteer to ring that bell!  The Salvation Army always needs volunteers to ring their bells and help raise funds.  Anyone can volunteer!  Veteran Salvation Army Volunteer Elmer Schefer of Minnesota tells Midwest Living Magazine how he loves to ring the bell every year.  “To get people to donate, I’ll go out of my way.  I’ll stop and talk to people; then I’ll sing all types of Christmas songs.  I have a terrible voice, but that gets people to drop money in.”

So grab some friends and ring together, or get your family out for some bell ringing and caroling.  You can check to find and register with the Salvation Army near you.  Or visit the Salvation Army Website for more information.

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